A century-old winery

Founded in 1910, Bodega Alanís has been creating unique and extraordinary wines from the Ribeiro Denomination of Origin for over 100 years. The secret of its long years of good work: a careful selection of the grapes at origin, promoting native varieties, such as Treixadura and Torrontés, and a refined production process fusing tradition and technological avant-garde.

Be up-to-date


In recent years, Bodega Alanís has now the exciting challenge of adapting to a new more demanding market, which requires its wine not only in Spain but also from other countries like the U.S. or Japan. Therefore, we have undertaken a major investment on new and modern facilities for the winery, with a capacity of up to 2.5 million litres, making it one of the largest wineries in the area.


Professional winegrowers

In making its high quality Ribeiro, Bodegas Alanís has the support of more than 200 winegrowers from the area who have professionalized their work in recent years, working closely with the winery in the various controls that are carried out throughout the year in select vineyards.

appellation of origin

D. O. Ribeiro

Located in the basins of the Miño river and its tributaries Arnoia, Avia and Barbantiño it is the oldest Designation of Origin in Galicia, and one of the most important thermal tourism destinations in Europe.

From the testimony of Estrabón, it is known that in the second half of the 2nd century BC, wine was made in Ribeiro. In the High Middle Ages, monasteries were the promoters of vineyard cultivation, highlighting the work of Cistercian and Benedictine monks from the monastery of San Clodio, from where they promoted viticulture in the area to other Cistercian monasteries (Oseira, Melón, Celanova and The clergy of Santiago de Compostela). We cannot forget the strong connection of the Ribeiro viticulture and its diffusion thanks to the Camino de Santiago, our wines to Europe from local, English or Dutch merchants. There are also indications, as evidenced by the texts of the Archive of Simancas of the year 1500, that the first wine that Christopher Columbus brought to America was a Ribeiro.