Winery Alanís

D.O. Ribeiro

ince 1910, Bodegas Alanís has been making great and unique Ribeiro wines, promoting the use of the finest grape varieties of the region, such as Treixadura and Torrontés. This winery has always been characterized by naturally combining the creation of modern and unique wines with the respect for a long winemaking tradition strongly rooted in the area.
Currently, the winery enjoys modern facilities with capacity for 2.5 million litres, making it one of the region’s largest.


The manufacturing process of the different wines of the Ribeiro D.O. from Bodegas Alanís begins with the reception of the grapes into the hopper during the harvest, that takes place between mid-September and October.
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More than 200 winegrowers from the area collaborate to the manufacturing of Bodegas Alanís’ high quality Ribeiro. Our wines are demanded from Spain, USA and Japan
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El grupo Bodegas Gallegas, con más de 50 años de experiencia, contamos con 5 grandes bodegas en Galicia y nuestros vinos están presentes en 60 países por todo el mundo
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